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TIP: Be aware that this page is obsolete, it should be updated with all commands in the future.


Further configuration parameters are available on the cvar page.


Name Parameters Description
check <what> Check if data is correct. At the moment the <what> parameter can be only "company" and then the command will validate if all connections between companies are correct.
cs_export <cutscene_name> Export cutscene by name.
dispatch - Handle entering initial state after game launch.
echo <message> Prints message to console.
edit <map_name> Start editor

map_name parameter is name of the map to be edited, if not set editor stars with empty map.

edit_build - Rebuild editor in map editor.
edit_build_spawns - Rebuild all spawn points in map editor.
edit_mark See description for parameters Marks or unmarks sector.
  • edit_mark [set_filtered (base|dlc_foo|any) (dev|rel|any) [hexacolor]]
  • edit_mark [set sector_files [hexacolor]]
  • edit_mark [set_all hexacolor]
  • edit_mark [intersect first_file second_file [hexacolor]]
  • edit_mark [clear_all]
  • edit_mark [lock [sector_files]]
  • edit_mark [unlock [sector_files]]
edit_save - Saves the map in map editor for loading in game.
edit_save_text - Save map in textual form for debugging purpose.
exec <script file name> Load and execute different command script.

For example if you put this script into My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2:

# P3D Screenshot script.

echo "Taking screenshot.."
echo "Screenshot has been taken"

Run the game and then write in console "exec /home/script_file_name" it will execute.

exit <reason> Exit game command in case of error. (unloads profile)
g_colbox <mode> Displays collision boxes while in editor. 1:on, 0:off
g_delete_idx <index> Delete item by given index in map editor
g_delete_uid <uid> Delete item by given unique index in map editor
g_disable_beacons <mode> Changes behaviour of flashing beacons on AI vehicles/trucks (accessibility feature for epileptic people).
  • 0 - default
  • 1 - disables spot lights of strobes and beacons
  • 2 - as 1 and also disables their flares blinking by switching them on all the time
g_dump [asset extension] Dumps map.
g_dump_signs - Dumps traffic signs.
g_find_prefab <prefab name> [prefab name] [prefab name] ... Find prefabs by its unit name suffix and dump them into bugs file.
g_info - Prints application info. Output depends if you are in game or using map editor.
g_item_count (model, prefab, building, anim, mover) Display count of the item. If no parameter is given this function prints summary about all the items.
g_mode g_mode <driver> <device> <resolution> <fullscreen> [msaa] Change graphics mode.
g_msaa <sample_count> Change msaa sample count.
g_next_border_node - Finds next border node.
g_replace_prefab <old_token> <new_token> Replace old prefab with new prefab. The token is unit name without "prefab." prefix.
g_save_curve_as_text <file_name> Save curve to text file.
g_sel_dist (short, close, middle, far), Add to selection all items of given distance type.
g_sel_item <index> Select item by index.
g_sel_type (Terrain, Buildings, Road, Prefab, Model, Company, Services, Cut plane, Mover, No weather area, City, Hinge, Parking, Animated Model, Map Overlay, Ferry, Sound, Garage, Camera point, Walker, Trigger, Services, Sign, bus_stop, Traffic area, Bezier Patch, Compound Model) Select item by type.
g_sel_uid <uid> Select item by unique index.
g_set_skybox <skybox_idx> Set current skybox by index.
g_set_climate <climate name> [i|f] Set climate.

Parameter explanation:

  • i - interpolated change,
  • f - forced change
g_set_weather <weather_index> [i|f] Set weather.

Parameter explanation:

  • weather_index
    • 0 - nice
    • 1 - bad
  • i - interpolated change,
  • f - forced change
g_set_time <hours> [minutes] [remove_traffic] Set game time.

Parameters explanation:

  • remove_traffic
    • 0 - no
    • 1 - yes
g_ui_recache - Recache ui draw buffers.
g_wander_output [fps/vm/sb/dc [error limit][warning limit][far plane]]" Sets which wander output will be shown.
game <save_slot> Start game.
goto <x;y;z> or <cityname> Teleport debug camera to place on map. Press CTRL + F9 to place your truck at the camera's location.
mark_country <country_id> Marks roads and prefabs belong to specified country.
mm_check - Check integrity of resource manager system.
mm_defrag - Run memory manager defragmentation.
mm_dump [?bim] (help, blocks, items, mlru) [c] (children) Dump memory manager content.
mm_flush - Run memory manager garbage collector.
mm_flush_repeatedly - Run memory manager garbage collector.
multimon <operation> <mixed> Allows configuration of multi monitor support.
pause - Toggle game pause state
phys_info - Display informations about physical subsystem.
preview <map_name> <preview_editor> <profile_to_load> Start game in preview mode


  • map_name - Name of the map to preview
  • preview_editor - editor = start editor, game = start game
  • profile_to_load - Name of the profile to be loaded
quit - Closes the game
route <start company name> <end company name> Command runs navigation between two given points and marks examined road network for visual preview
s_info - Reports informations about sound subsystem
save - Forces game save
screenshot <custom_name> Makes a screenshot.

The <custom_name> parameter sets custom name of screenshot file name. This parameter is optional.

sdk <operation> Perform SDK operation

<operation> parameter can be:

  • reinit - reinitializes the SDK
  • unload - unload all plugins
  • reload - reloads all plugins
spawn <object_type> Spawn traffic object

Allowed object types:

  • vehicle - standard ai vehicle
  • vehicle_forced - forced ai vehicle (ignoring traffic origin and density)
test - Not available in final builds
uset <cvar> <value> Set value of the cvar by name - in case cvar was not found creates new.
validate - Start validation
warp <speed> Set speed of the gameplay. The correct value of the speed parameter is a floating point number in range from 0.0001 to 60.0
ui <command[[:flags] name[:class] ["parameters"]]> Internal ui operations command.
  • command
    • 's'(how) - shows a window. Parameters [ui_script [left=0 bottom=0]]
    • 'h'(ide) - hides a window
    • 't'(oggle) - toggles window. For parameters see 's'
    • 'i'(nsert) - inserts a window. For parameters see 's'
    • 'r'(emove) - removes a window
    • 'c'(ommand) - commands ui component. Parameters [component_name parameters]
  • flags
    • 'v'(iew) - hides a pointer atop this window
    • 'l'(ock 0) - doesn't lock input when showing this window
    • 'm'(odular)- makes a window modular
    • 'f'(ocus 0)- doesn't grab focus when showing this window
    • 'e'(vfiltr)- create as eventfilter
    • 't'(opmost)- create as topmost
    • 'b'(ottomm)- create as bottommost


Command parameters

  • Parameters surrounded by <> are required.
  • Parameters surrounded by [] are optional.
  • Parameters surrounded by () are values that can be used as this parameter - other values effect depends on the command.