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TIP: Be aware that this page is obsolete, it should be updated with all comments in the future time.

The following variables configure different aspects of the game.

Some of them (global settings) are loaded from the config.cfg that can be found in the game user folder; others (which are associated with a player's profile) will be saved in the profile folder (e.g. "<game_user_path>/profiles/<profile_id>").

Most of these can be changed during the game play using the console. To do so, enter the variable name, followed by the desired value, to change it, and press Enter. Additionally the command uset can be used before the cvar name, but it is not necessary.

To determine the current and default value of a variable, enter only its name.


g_police 0     (disables traffic fines)
g_colbox 1     (displays collision boxes)

r_mirror_view_distance  (might return the following)
"r_mirror_view_distance" is: "400" default:"80.0"

Variables list (some of the columns in the table can be sorted by clicking the up/down arrows):

Name Type Default value Config Purpose
g_additional_water_fov float 20.0f global By how much increase the horizontal fov used to render the water effect.
g_adviser integer 1 profile Adviser mode: 0 = hidden, 1 = shown, 2 = mini mode.
g_adviser_auto_parking integer 1 profile Enable/disable auto parking feature.
g_adviser_keep_hidden integer 0 profile Keep adviser in hidden state (do not show any message).
g_artist_id integer 0 global Artist specific id. (0-15 range)
g_auto_traffic_headlights integer 1 global Enable/Disable headlights from automatic traffic.
g_autoload_ignore_autosave integer 0 profile Should auto-loading ignore all autosaves and use only manual saves?
g_axle_drop_auto integer 1 profile Is automatic axle drop enabled?
g_bad_weather_factor float 0.07 profile Bad weather factor. Affects probability of rainy weather.
g_brake_intensity float 1.0 profile Brake intensity modifier.
g_brake_light_all integer 1 profile Show brake light for all brakes (value: 1) or only service, retarder and trailer brake (value: 0)?
g_cam_blinker integer 0 profile Is interior camera movement based on blinker activation enabled.
g_cam_physics integer 1 profile Is interior camera movement based on physics movement of driver enabled?
g_cam_physics_value float 1.0 profile Value of interior camera movement based on physics movement of driver.
g_cam_steering integer 0 profile Is interior camera movement based on steering angle enabled?
g_cam_steering_reverse integer 1.0 profile Interior camera movement based on steering angle, behavior on reverse.
g_cam_steering_value float 1.0 profile Multiplier for interior camera movement based on steering angle.
g_cargo_sort integer 0 global Current cargo sort method.
g_city_name_move integer 0 global Enable ability to move city names on map.
g_clock_24 integer 1 profile Use 24 hour clock or 12 hour clock (value 1 = 24 hour, value 0 = 12 hour)
g_console integer 0 global Is console enabled?
g_cruise_control_grid float 5.0 profile Digital cruise control grid step.
g_cruise_control_smart float 0.0 profile Smart cruise control window, if you want to disable it set to negative value.
g_currency integer 0 profile Currency used in game.
g_cutscenes integer 1 profile Enable/disable cutscenes.
g_debug_interior_cam integer 0 global Enables drawing of the truck geometry even in the interior camera mode.
g_debug_map_limits integer 0 global Enable/Disable the debugging of the map speed limits.
g_desktop_fadeout float 60 global Delay in seconds before the desktop ui will fade out when left idle.
g_desktop_tutorial integer 1 profile Is desktop tutorial enabled?
g_developer integer 0 global Is developer mode enabled?
g_disable_hud_activation integer 0 global Are specific hud activations disabled?
g_engine_start_auto integer 1 profile Is engine automatic start enabled?
g_fahrenheit integer 0 profile Should game display temperature in fahrenheits (value: 1) or degrees of celsius (value: 0)?
g_fatigue integer 1 profile State of the fatigue simulation
g_flyspeed float 100.0 global Debug camera fly speed
g_force_economy_reset integer 0 profile A value of 1 forces an economy reset (generating new job listings).
The player should be free-roaming when issuing the command, and afterwards entering and exiting the Profile Manager.
g_force_load_selector integer 0 profile Forces the appearance of the load slot selector.
g_force_online_lscrs integer 0 global Force online loading screens. If no loading screen is specified in specified category (ferry, eurotunnel, normal) built-in one is showed.
g_fps integer 0 global Display FPS in mini console.
g_fuel_simulation integer 0 profile Is realistic fuel consumption enabled?
g_gallon integer 0 profile Should game display volume as gallon (value: 1) or liters (value: 0)?
g_gfx_advanced integer 0 global Graphics settings last used (0 = simple, 1 = advanced).
g_gfx_all_scales integer 0 global Enables selection of all rendering scales in ui even on machines with small virtual memory.
g_gfx_quality integer -1 global Quality presets of graphics. Linked directly to quality_level_t enum, with "-1" as "custom" state.
g_global_force_load_selector integer 0 global Forces the appearance of the load slot selector for all profiles. (Correct value are: 0, 1)
g_grass_density integer 2 global Grass density setting.
g_hardcore_simulation integer 0 profile Is air brake simulation enabled?
g_hmd_no_3d_background integer 0 profile Disables use of 3d background for the menu.
g_hmd_no_artifical_movement integer 0 profile Disables artifical angle based movement of the interior.
g_hmd_no_special_menu integer 0 profile Disables use of special variants of menu ui when HMD is enabled.
g_hmd_reduced_cabin_movement integer 1 profile Reduces the cabin movement by disabling its separate movement on the visual level.
g_hshifter_layout integer 0 profile Type of hshifter layout.
g_hshifter_layout_shifting integer 1 profile Layout analyzed and used for more realistic shifting sounds.
g_hshifter_synchronized integer 1 profile Behaves/sounds like synchronized transmission.
g_hud_speed_limit integer 1 profile Speed limit state on the adviser.
g_ignore_low_fps integer 0 global Enable/Disable the low frame rate warnings.
g_income_factor float 1.0 profile Income factor (minimum is 0.0 maximum is 1.0). Multiplies all incomes.
g_input_configured integer 0 profile Is input configured?
g_interior_camera_zero_pitch integer 0 global Is default mouse position ignored in truck interior? This should be set to 1 when you are using some HMD such like Oculus Rift.
g_job_distance_limit float -1.0 profile Limit generating of the jobs that are in specified range from current player position. Negative value means no limit for generation applied.
g_kdop_preview integer 0 global Enable/Disable the preview of generated k-DOPs.
g_lang string en_gb profile Language currently used by game.
g_lang_set integer 1 profile Is language set manually (1)?
g_light_distance_factor float 1.0 global Light source fade start distance is multiplied by this value.
g_light_span_factor float 1.0 global Light source fade span is multiplied by this value.
g_line_sort integer 0 global Current line sort criteria for jobs.
g_lod_factor_parked float 1.0 global LOD distances for parked vehicles are multiplied by this factor.
g_lod_factor_pedestrian float 1.0 global LOD distances for pedestrians are multiplied by this factor.
g_lod_factor_traffic float 1.0 global LOD distances for traffic vehicles are multiplied by this factor.
g_menu_aa_limit integer 8 global Number of tiles below which we enable SSAA in the menu scene.
g_minicon integer 0 global Is mini console enabled?
g_mm_help_shown integer 0 global Used for indication if its first time when player enters mod manager to show him welcome screen.
g_motor_brake_auto integer 0 profile Is automatic usage of engine brake enabled?
g_mph integer 0 profile Use miles (1) or kilometers (0).
g_news integer -1 global Is online news enabled?
g_online_loading_screens integer -1 global Are online loading screens enabled?
g_parking_difficulty integer 0 profile Parking difficulty
g_pedal_clutch_range float 1.0 profile Cluch range.
g_pedestrian integer 1 global Enable/Disable pedestrian generation.
g_police integer 1 profile Is police simulation enabled? If set to 0 you will not get any penalties.
g_pounds string kg profile Set weight unit
g_radio_mode integer 1 global Radio player mode.
g_rain_reflect_actor integer 1 global Should we reflect game actor in the rain?
g_rain_reflect_cache integer 1 global Should we reflect geometry cache in the rain?
g_rain_reflect_hookups integer 1 global Should we reflect hookups associated with segment items (e.g. lamp flares)?
g_rain_reflect_traffic integer 1 global Should we reflect traffic in the rain?
g_rain_reflection integer 3 global Rain reflection quality.
g_reflection integer 3 global Reflection detail.
g_reg_setting string No default value profile Name of the regional settings unit. By default for ETS2 it's reg_setting.europe for ATS it's reg_setting.usa.
g_remove_missing_accessories integer 0 profile Remove all acccessories that are no longer available in game and replace them with fallback accessories if possible.
g_retarder_auto integer 0 profile Is automatic usage of retarder enabled?
g_save_format integer 0 global Format used to store the game saves.
g_save_idx integer 1 profile Current profile save index. Used for automatic naming of saves.
g_screenshot_on_bug integer 0 global Enable/Disable automatic generation of screenshots when bug is reported even if the normal combination is used.
g_show_game_elements integer 1 global Are activation points enabled?
g_start_in_truck integer 0 profile If profile has assigned truck should we skip desktop and start in it?
g_steam_browser integer 1 global Should game use steam build-in browser or user default browser to open external links?
g_steam_rich_presence integer 1 global Is steam rich presence enabled?
g_steam_screenshots integer 2 global Way in which we should handle the screenshots in steam version.
g_steer_autocenter integer 1 profile Is steering wheel autocenter enabled?
g_texture_usage_stats integer 0 global Print texture usage statistics into the console?
g_throttle_auto_shift integer 0 profile Automatic gearbox uses throttle as input for shifting policy.
g_tooltip_delay float 0.4 global Delay specified in seconds indicating when to show tooltip since hovering the item with tooltip.
g_toy_physics integer 1 profile Is simulation of toy physics movement enabled?
g_trackir integer 1 global Enable/Disable the TrackIR support.
g_traffic float 1.0 global Traffic intensity.
  • 0.0 - traffic disabled
  • 10.0 - maximum traffic intensity
g_trailer_stability float 0.5 profile Trailer stability factor.
g_trans integer 0 profile Type of transmission.
g_truck_light_quality integer 1 global Quality of result of the head light.
g_truck_light_specular integer 1 global Enables/disables use of specular during head light calculation.
g_tutorial integer 1 profile Is tutorial enabled?
g_use_speed_limiter integer 1 profile Is speed limiter enabled?
g_veg_detail integer 2 global Vegetation detail setting. 0 - low, 1 - medium, 2 - high
g_vehicle_flare_lights integer 1 global Enable/Disable lights associated with vehicle flares.
i_virtual_cursor_speed float 500.0 global Speed of movement of the cursor when using a gamepad-like input in pixels per second.
Set to zero or negative value to disable use of gamepads and joysticks for cursor movement.
p_profile_draws integer 0 global Profile draw calls
r_anisotropy_factor float 0.25 global Anistropy factor.
r_cloud_shadows integer 1 global Are cloud shadows enabled?
r_color_correction integer 1 global Color correction state.
r_color_cyan_red float 0.0 global Cyan-red factor of the color correction in -1 to 1 range.
r_color_magenta_green float 0.0 global Magenta-green factor of the color correction in -1 to 1 range.
r_color_saturation float 1.0 global Color saturation factor 1.0 is neutral.
r_color_yellow_blue float 0.0 global Yellow-blue factor of the color correction in -1 to 1 range.
r_deferred integer 1 global Is deferred rendering enabled? If set to 0 game uses forward rendering pipeline which disables shadows, lights and all post process effects.
r_deferred_debug integer 0 global If value is greater than 0 runs deferred renderer debug.
r_deferred_mirrors integer 1 global Use deferred rendering pipeline while rendering mirrors?
r_device string dx9 global Render device (correct values: dx9, dx11, gl).
r_dof integer 1 global Is Depth Of Field effect enabled?
r_dof_filter_size float 0.5 global Size of the Depth Of Field filter.
r_dof_start float 200.0 global Starting range of the Depth Of Field
r_dof_transition float 400.0 global Length of range between minimal and maximal Depth Of Field blur.
r_fake_shadows integer 2 global Fake shadows state.
r_fullscreen integer 1 global Is fullscreen enabled?
r_gamma float 1.0 global Gamma correction factor (works only in fullscreen mode)
r_hdr integer 1 global Is HDR enabled?
r_manual_stereo_buffer_scale float 1.0 global Scale factor used when creating stereo buffers.
r_manual_stereo_in_menu integer 1 global Is use of manual stereo enabled even in menu?
r_manual_stereo_ui_dist float 0.8 global UI draw plane distance when using stereo.
r_manual_stereo_ui_dist_game float 0.5 global UI draw plane distance when using stereo.
r_manual_stereo_ui_fov float 80 global Manual stereo UI field of view when using stereo.
r_manual_stereo_ui_fov_game float 100 global Manual stereo UI field of view when using stereo.
r_minimal_unfinished_frames integer 0 global Simulate bigger queue in tracking completion frames.
r_mirror_scale_x float 1.0 global X-axis mirror rendering scaling factor.
r_mirror_scale_y float 1.0 global Y-axis mirror rendering scaling factor.
r_mirror_view_distance float 80.0 global View distance of the mirrors.
r_mlaa integer 1 global Is MLAA enabled?
r_mlaa_threshold float 1.0 global Edge threshold used for MLAA anti-aliasing
r_mode string No default value global Current resolution in format: {screen_width}x{screen_height}x{color_depth}x{refresh_rate}
r_multimon_border_fov_left float 0 global Additional angle added to offset between cameras to represent oblast hidden by the monitor border.
r_multimon_border_fov_right float 0 global Additional angle added to offset between cameras to represent oblast hidden by the monitor border.
r_multimon_exterior_in_aux integer 0 global Should we render exterior in the auxiliary view.
r_multimon_fov_horizontal float 50 global Horizontal field of view used with multi monitor configuration.
r_multimon_fov_vertical float 0 global Vertical field of view used with multi monitor configuration.
r_multimon_interior_in_main integer 1 global Should we render interior inside the main views.
r_multimon_mode integer 0 global Controls the multi-monitor mode.
r_multimon_rotation_aux float 0 global Roll of the auxillary monitor.
r_multimon_rotation_center float 0 global Roll of the center monitor.
r_multimon_rotation_left float 0 global Roll of the left monitor.
r_multimon_rotation_right float 0 global Roll of the right monitor.
r_multimon_vert_offset_left float 0 global Additional vertical offset of left monitor.
r_multimon_vert_offset_right float 0 global Additional vertical offset of right monitor.
r_no_frame_tracking integer 0 global Disable frame tracking feature.
r_normal_maps integer 1 global Is normal mapping enabled?
r_nowmi integer 0 global Disable usage of WMI while detecting graphics card memory informations.
r_nv_stereo_mode integer 2 global How to handle NV 3D vision stereo mode.
r_path string No default value global Render path.
r_scale_x float 1.0 global X-axis rendering scaling factor.
r_scale_y float 1.0 global Y-axis rendering scaling factor.
r_segment_buffer_size integer 128 global Segment buffer size in MB
r_setup_done integer 0 global Are default graphics settings setup?
r_show_light_pixel_coverage integer 0 global Show lights debugging helpers?
r_startup_progress integer 0 global Indicates progress of game startup.
r_sun_shadow_quality integer 4 global Quality of the sun shadows.
r_sun_shadow_texture_size integer 4096 global Size of the sun shadow texture. Bigger number = better visuals, smaller fps
r_sunshafts integer 1 global Are sunshafts enabled?
r_texture_detail integer 0 global Texture detail. Number of biggest mipmap levels to skip.
r_use_depth_bounds integer 1 global Should game use depth bounds to speedup rendering of the lights? (Works only on supported hardware)
r_vsync integer 1 global Is vertical synchronization enabled?
r_wireframe integer 0 global Enables wireframe rendering.
s_air_noise float 1.0 profile Sound of air at high speed.
s_interior_volume float 1.0 profile Interior sound volume multiplier.
s_master_volume float 1.0 profile Master volume.
s_music_enabled integer 1 profile Is music enabled?
s_music_volume float 0.8 profile Music volume.
s_radio_volume float 1.0 profile Radio volume.
s_reverse_enabled integer 1 profile Is reverse sound enabled?
s_reverse_stereo int 0 profile Is stereo reversed?
s_rumble_enabled integer 1 profile Is rumble sound enabled?
s_sfx_enabled integer 1 profile Is sfx enabled?
s_sfx_volume float 1.0 profile SFX volume.
s_wheel_noise float 1.0 profile Sound of wheels at high speed.
sys_info string No default value global Stores information about your operating system
t_averaging_window_length integer 20 global Number of the past frames used to calculate the current frame duration.
vid_mem string No default value global Stores information about video memory of currently used graphics card.
vid_name string No default value global Stores information about currently used graphics card.
vid_ver string No default value global Stores information about currently used graphics card driver version.