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Hi blueyv,

this page will be dedicated as communication channel for you about your contributions. So if you have any questions address them here please, thx.

Map Editors Roads

Hi again!

Nice to see you progressing with the wiki. However I have take a look at your tutorial and realized I forgot to tell you to check this page:

In See Also section you can find template for user tutorial, so we would can easily keep same style for tutorials all over the page. So please, try to rework your tutorial by this template (using table etc):

Thx. 50keda (talk)50keda

User page

Not that I want to restrict you, however before approving your user page, please extend it a bit. I especially like User:Smarty page. Just introduce yourself and then put up some section for you work and link your tutorials there ;)

Thx, 50keda (talk)50keda