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I'm a 13+ year veteran of the North American trucksim modding community, and a firm believer that there should be more hours in a day.

Wiki Projects

These are some initiatives for the modding wiki I'm working on, or intend to (soon ...ish). Please feel free to discuss these on my talk page, or the relevant discussion pages as they appear.

Sii Unit Documentation

The intent of this initiative is to create technical documentation for all of the unit types that are of interest to modders, indexed by the class name, complete with the -dump_units output for each. I think this will be effective in the long run, in terms of maintainability, because the -dump_units output between game versions can easily be compared with each update. Moreover, because the titles reflect the game's internal data structure, the need for updates to the documentation can be driven directly by the changelog.

Balancing User-Friendliness

Obviously, this structure caters more to the intermediate- to advanced modder, so more generic documentation along the lines of the existing Player Truck Definitions, etc are still needed. Moreover, beginners tend to approach things from a more objective-driven angle that is better-served by tutorials. My suggestion would be to wiki-link back to the relevant unit class documentation wherever editing of definition files is involved. This way, any time a unit class changes substantially, we have a starting point for keeping the wiki up-to-date via the What links here tool.

Shader/Effect Documentation

I'm planning to start a similar set of documentation for the game's various shader effects, where there is both technical documentation and more general usage guides.

Modding Portfolio

This is a partial listing of my recent/ongoing creations. The ones under the most active development usually have a thread on the SCS forum which I update regularly. If you have any questions about a technique I've used, etc feel free to ask in the related threads. I'm usually happy to discuss such things.

My eventual goal is to be able to make production-quality assets; perhaps in another 13 years. :P

Released Mods

  • Scot A2HD (active)
  • Fontaine Phantom (active)
  • Utility 2000R (active)
  • Trailmobile SuperVan 90 (active)
  • Tremcar 3A Sanitary (active)
  • Wheel Pack (active)
  • Improved License Plates (active)
  • Paintable Steel Wheels (maintenance)

Active Projects

  • Peterbilt 350
  • Freightliner FLB
  • GMC Crackerbox
  • GMC General
  • Eager Beaver 50GSL/BR
  • Alutrec 48ft Flatbed (Corby Redux)
  • Timpte Super Seal 45ft reefer
  • A few more unannounced trailers

Back-Burner Projects

  • GMC Astro 95
  • Dodge Bighorn
  • Ford LTL9000