Tutorials/Beginners/Truck accessory/2. How to create model of front grill accessory

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Note: This tutorial requires SCS Blender Tools and Conversion Tools to be installed and configured. If you do not have it yet prepared check this tutorial Tutorials/Beginners/Simple_cube/2._How_to_create_&_export_simple_cube_model

1 Truck accessory set project base path.jpg Set SCS Project Base Path to root folder of the mod 02_truck_accessory/mod_accessory.
2 Watch on youtube Delete the default cube from the Blender scene and start modeling the front grill as shown on the video on the left.
3 Truck accessory create empty.jpg Create empty blender object at the X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 0 coordinates.
4 Truck accessory change empty type 0.jpg Navigate to the Object Type selection.
5 Truck accessory change empty type 1.jpg Select object tzpe to Locator.
6 Truck accessory select locator type.jpg In the locator type select Model.
7 Truck accessory name locator.jpg Name locator as slot_0.
8 Truck accessory place four locators.jpg Duplicate locators and place them as shown on the image. Also please call all the locators from left to right as.
  1. slot_0
  2. slot_1
  3. slot_2
  4. slot_3
9 Truck accessory add root.jpg Create root object and call it the same way as you called in the definition file - so it will be custom_grill.
10 Truck accessory set default export path.jpg Set default export path to location defined inside custom_g.sii file created in the previous tutorial. If you did everything as shown in the tutorial it should be //vehicle/truck/upgrade/frontgrill/renault_magnum_2009.
11 Truck accessory export.jpg
  1. Set mod directory path.
  2. Set mod name.
  3. Enable Auto Clean, Auto Export and Auto Conavert options and set compression format to Deflated.
  4. Start conversion and packing of the mod by clicking on PACK CONVERTED DATA button.

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