Tutorials/Beginners/Simple cube/5. How to use simple cube mod in map editor

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1 Simple cube ensure console.jpg Open config.cfg file from home directory of the game. And ensure that g_console and g_minicon are set to "1".

See Game user path where you can find the config.cfg file on your computer.

2 Simple cube console.jpg Start the game and select tilde button on the keyboard [~]. When you do it the game console should appear. Type edit command to start map editor.
3 Simple cube select item type.jpg Change item type to model.
4 Simple cube select place tool and select model.jpg Select item creation mode by clicking the green + icon (1).

The item creation window will appear select the model you want to create (2) in our case it will be simple_cube/simple_cube.pmd.

Place the model into the world by clicking left mouse button and close item creation dialog by clicking on it and clicking Escape button on keyboard.

Change camera to bird camera using C key on keyboard and fly to your box to see it in game.

5 Simple cube box in world.jpg Congratulations. Your own model can be placed on the map in game. Good job!

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