Tutorials/Beginners/Simple cube/1. How to prepare tools for mod creation

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1 Simple cube dl tools.jpg Download SCS Blender Tools and Conversion Tools.
  1. Download SCS Blender Tools
  2. Download Conversion Tools
2 Simple cube extract.jpg Extract both conversion tools and SCS Blender Tools.
3 Simple cube install scstools.jpg

Install the SCS Blender Tools addon to your blender. Simply copy io_scs_tools folder [placed inside {Blender Tools path}/addon] (1) to the {Blender folder}/scripts/addons (2) folder.

4 Simple cube blender navigate to userprefs.jpg Start Blender and navigate to the user settings.
5 Simple cube blender enable addon.jpg In Add-ons tab select all the supported levels (2). Search for "SCS Tools" in the search box (1) and activate the addon by pressing the checkbox (3).

TIP: In case you are unable to find the addon make sure it's correctly installed. (Check 3rd step again)

You can check the video version of the tutorial to check the blender widgets layout we recommend (2:50 - 3:07)

6 Watch on youtube Setup the scene - play the video on the left to see presentation how to do it.

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