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Documentation/Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Supported shaders

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#* Paintjob Base Color -> base paintjob color.
<blockquote>NOTE: {{Note|There are two more modes &quot;flipflake&quot; and &quot;airbrush.flipflake&quot; which are not yet implemented inside 3D viewport but they can be defined inside definition files anyway, because no additional data have to be exported for them.}}
<li><p>'''&quot;truckpaint.altuv&quot;''' - exports alternative UV layer for paint job. Alternative UV layer has to be specified in paintjob texture.</p>
<blockquote><p>NOTE: {{Note|Not using this extension alternative UV won't be exported and thus can not be used in definition files for paint job.</p>}}</blockquote></li>
<li><p>'''&quot;truckpaint.airbrush&quot;''' - uses paint job as airbrush mask. Paintjob texture is multiplied with base truck paint color by factor of paintjob texture alpha channel.</p>
<blockquote><p>NOTE: {{Note|May or may not be used, shader will give the same result as usage of this extension is specified in definition files and the extension doesn't effect exported data.</p>}}</blockquote></li>
<li><p>'''&quot;truckpaint.airbrush.altuv&quot;''' - combined &quot;truckpaint.altuv&quot; and &quot;truckpaint.airbrush&quot; extensions.</p></li>
<li><p>'''&quot;truckpaint.tsnmap&quot;''' - with extra texture defining normal maps. Both textures are using same UV layer.</p></li>

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