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The page lists commands specific and/or useful commnds for map editor users.

Name Parameters Description
edit [map_name] Start editor. The map_name parameter is name of the map to be edited, if not set editor stars with empty map.
edit_build - Rebuild map and check items in map editor.
edit_build_spawns - Rebuild all spawn points in map editor.
edit_save - Saves the map in map editor for loading in game.
edit_save_text - Save map in textual form for debugging purpose.
edit_free_camera_uplift [max_uplift] Set editor free camera's max uplift used when the camera is in "Drop free camera to ground" mode.
g_delete_idx <index> Delete item by given index in map editor
g_delete_uid <uid> Delete item by given unique index in map editor
g_dump [asset_extension] Dumps map.
g_dump_signs - Dumps traffic signs.
g_find_prefab <prefab_name> [prefab_name] [prefab_name]... Find prefabs by it's unit name suffix and dump them into bugs file.
g_item_count <(model, prefab, building, anim, mover)> Display count of the item. If no parameter is given this function prints summary about all the items.
g_next_border_node - Finds next border node.
g_replace_prefab <old_token> <new_token> Replace old prefab with new prefab. The token is unit name without "prefab." prefix.
g_sel_dist (short, close, middle, far) Selects all items of given distance type (add them to current selection).
g_sel_item <index> Select item by index.
g_sel_type (Terrain, Buildings, Road, Prefab, Model, Company...) Select item by type.
g_sel_uid <uid> Select item by unique index.
g_ui_recache - Recache ui draw buffers.
g_wander_output [fps/vm/sb/dc [error_limit][warning_limit][far_plane][night][rain]]

Sets which wander output will be shown.

  • night [default 0]: -1 -> show only day data, 0 -> don't care, 1 -> show only night data
  • rain [default 0]: -1 -> show only goods weather data, 0 -> don't care, 1 -> show only bad weather data
mark_country <country_id> Marks roads and prefabs belong to specified country.
preview [map_name] [(game, editor)] [profile_to_load] Start game in preview mode.
g_save_curve_as_text /path/filename

exports selected road (or building...) nodes absolute coordinates and directions

it is useful while tweaking ui map ferry route - create road between two ferry ports, tweak it for ui map, export, put to defs

example: g_save_curve_as_text /home/soubor.sii (text file exported to home folder)

g_cut_plane_ignore 1 switching off cutplanes
g_colbox <1 or 0> show or hide collision boxes