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1 Simple cube create folder 01simplecube.jpg Create folder called 01_simple_cube.
2 Simple cube create folder base.jpg Inside 01_simple_cube create folder called base which will be the root folder of your mod data.
3 Simple cube create folder model cube.jpg Inside 01_simple_cube/base create folder called model (1) and then inside it create folder called simple_cube (2).
4 Simple cube create texture.jpg Create texture using your favorite image editor and save it as .tga file inside the 01_simple_cube/base/model/simple_cube folder.
Prepare simple cube 3D model. You can check the video on the left for instructions how to do it.
6 Simple cube create mat and select sdr.jpg Create new material and call it simple_box (1). Next, use dif.spec (2) shader for it.
7 Simple cube generate vcol.jpg Automatically generate vertex colors.
8 Simple cube setup project base path.jpg Setup project base path to 01_simple_cube/base.
9 Simple cube browser for the texture.jpg Browse for the texture you created and select it.
10 Simple cube create uvmap.jpg There are no UV maps defined for your mesh so the texture is not looking so good. Create new one.
11 Simple cube apply uvmap.jpg Go back to the materials. Set your newly created map in the Mapping field.
12 Simple cube set export path.jpg Setup the model export path.
13 Simple cube create root.jpg Create the root object.

TIP: Make sure the 3D cursor position is X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 0

14 Simple cube call root.jpg Call the root object simple_cube.

The root object name defines name of the exported file. So If you call the root object simple_cube exported files will be also called simple_cube.extension.

15 Simple cube party hard.jpg If you went through all those points simply export the model again.
16 Simple cube export success.jpg If everything went ok you should have now PIT and PIM files in the 01_simple_cube/base/model/simple_cube folder.

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