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Hi Wilson212,

this page will be dedicated as communication channel for you about your contributions.


Where should I place my documentation on engine accessory's and such? I wanted to describe exactly what each variable/setting is and does in the engine scripts.

Which file would you like to describe? - 50keda

I wanted to make a page, that describes the "accessory_engine_data"... Basically, how to create new engines, and if you were to modify one, what all the variables mean. I currently have a mod out on steam (, where I made a bunch of custom engines for the game... I have experience with it. I just need to know what section I should post my documentation at?

So if I understand it correctly this would be user guide, not description of the file? I am asking because if you will only describe attributes, then this will be under engine documentation somewhere, but if you want to create guide "how to create new engines" then this would have to go under tutorials... So you will describe only attributes or you will create user guide how to create new engine? - 50keda

The page in question would be a description of attributes, to go under engine documentation. I will make a tutorial as well, and I assumed that goes directly under tutorials... but for now, I want to make the attributes documentation. - Wilson212

OK, I prepared wiki for this kind of descriptions (I separated "Player trucks definitions" to it's own dedicated page), so now you can create section with title "Engine" inside this page: - 50keda

This is perfect, thank you!