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Documentation/Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Import

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Import Options
* '''SCS Project Base Path''' - enables setting proper SCS Project Base Path prior to import with usage of ''Set Current Dir as Project Base''. Operator sets currently selected path in file browser as SCS Project Base Path (for more info see: [[../Global Settings#SCS_Project_Base_Path|SCS Project Base Path]]).
* '''Scale''' - scale of imported meshes and other elements.
* '''Preserve Path for Export''' - automatically sets custom export path for imported SCS Game Object, which enables you to easily export it to same place it was imported from.
* '''Import Animations (PIA)''' - you can turn ''Animation files'' loading '''''ON''''' and '''''OFF'''''.
* '''Search Subdirectories''' - if this property is ticked, all available subdirectories will be searched for animation files.
* '''Log Level''' - enables setting logging level prior the import.
<blockquote>{{Note|Only animation files which belongs to an actual skeleton can be loaded. If they are not placed beside PIX files or any subdirectory, then you can still import animations later from [[../Animation system#SCS Animations panel|Animation system#SCS Animations panel]].}}

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