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Documentation/Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Supported shaders

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=== linv ===
Flavor inverting liminance luminance mixing used on luminance shaders of [[#dif.lum.spec]].
Luminance shaders without this flavor usually lit illuminate surfaces where base texture alpha channel is 255 and don't lit on surfaces with alpha value 0, however shaders using this . This flavor invertes inverts that behaviour (behavior so that an alpha value of 0 gives full lit illumination and an alpha value of 255 gives no lit)illumination.
=== lvcol ===
=== nocull ===
Special flavor switching off backface culling of shadow casters on shaders: [[#shadowonly]] or [[#fakeshadow]].
Basically this means shadow casters will cast shadows on both sides, not only on the one where surface normals are directed.

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