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Documentation/Engine/Multi monitor configuration

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Only multimon configurations which are presented to the game as a single big resolution virtual screen are supported. You need to be using either Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity or equivalent depending on your graphics chipset type. When using the game set up with multiple separate views per the instructions below, the driver based bezel correction (the one that your display drivers may offer) should be disabled and the corresponding cvars (game config variables, see bellow) should be used instead to have the game handle the bezel gaps on its own.
The default interior cameras look slightly downwards to make the truck dashboard more visible. While that works well for normal monitor, it looks wrong on side views of multi monitor setup. For that reason it is recommended to set g_interior_camera_zero_pitch to 1 before launching the game to disable this feature without need to modify game data.
=Customized mode=
This mode allows bigger flexibility over the setup for 1-4 monitors. It is enabled by setting '''r_multimon_mode''' cvar to 4. Note that unlike the predefined modes, this mode can be enabled regardless of the aspect ratio of the display. In this mode the game takes the configuration from '''\Documents\<game name>\multimon_config.sii'''. If the file does not exist, it is created the first time the game starts in this mode. You can either edit the file manually or use in-game [[Documentation/Engine/Console/Commands/multimon|multimon]] command to do most adjustments on the fly. Note that when using the '''[[Documentation/Engine/Console/Commands/multimon|multimon]]''' command, care must be taken to explicitly save the result before exiting the game or changing settings using the game options screen as the changes would be lost in that case.
Position of the UI and monitors in the virtual display created by driver is specified using normalized coordinates where [0,0] corresponds to left bottom corner and [1,1] corresponds to top right corner. Entire monitor or UI must fit inside the [0;1] range or the behavior is undefined.
==Attributes of single monitor==
*'''name''' - Name of the monitor for use with '''[[Documentation/Engine/Console/Commands/multimon|multimon]]''' command.
*'''normalized_x''' and '''normalized_y''' - Position of bottom left corner of the monitor in the virtual display created by driver.
*'''normalized_width''' and '''normalized_height''' - Dimensions of the view of the monitor in the virtual display created by driver.

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