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Tutorials/SCS Workshop Uploader/How to upload new mod?

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==Workshop mod files and directories layout==
First of all - the layout of your mod will change a little bit. To check the Steam Workshop mods structure click [[Documentation/Tools/SCS_Workshop_Uploader/Workshop_mod_structure|here]].
==Prepearing Preparing mod for uploading step by step==
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When you click '''OK''' you will see log dialog with all errors and warnings that occured during validation. In case if you have only warnings you can both continue or abort operation. In case of error you '''need to''' fix them before uploading.
{{UsefulLink|If you need help with solving your validation errors click '''[[Documentation/Tools/SCS_Workshop_Uploader/Validation_errors_and_solutions_for_them|here]]'''}}
#In this area you have log of the validation. All the log entires have the following form: '''''[TYPE] [CODE] (file): Message'''''
#Bellow you have two checkboxes, you can hide warnigns or errors here.
#In case there are only errors is at least one error you are able to only click Abort. This button simply aborts the upload.#In case there are only warnings validation did not report any error you can click this button and continue uploading of your mod. If there are errors you are unable to continue - you have to fix the problems.
=Steam Workshop Terms Of Service=
If it’s your first mod and you were not doing any mods for other game <!-- '''(or Valve updated Terms of Service?)'''--> you will likely get error about not accepted Steam Workshop Terms Of Service - if so happends tool will show you appropriate message and the steam workshop terms of service will be opened in your default web browser - you have to login to your steam account read and accept the terms of service and if you do so simply go back to the tool and try again with uploading your mod.
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