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SCS Blender Tools v2.0 introduces easier download & installation!

Note: For legacy SCS Blender Tools versions (< 2.0), please refer to old installation page: here.

1. Download SCS Blender Tools add-on

Before installation download latest add-on:

Note: Above link provides latest version, legacy versions and sample data can be found on Download page.

2. Install...

Run Blender, access it's preferences (Edit -> Preferences) and switch to Add-ons tab. Then use Install... button and search for you downloaded in step one.

3. Add-on Activation

Now it is necessary to activate the SCS Blender Tools add-on. While still on Add-ons preferences tab, search for add-on by typing 'SCS' into search bar and look for "Import-Export: SCS Tools". Now activate the checkbox on the left side of SCS Tools entry.

If the item is missing in your list, try to pressing F8 to reload add-ons.

Blender enable SCS Tools Addon 2 8.png