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The glass_pane_data unit class is used to define glass 'panes' which are used to simulate raindrop accumulation, movement, and clearing in the interior view. A separate unit is used for each pane. They are defined as nameless units, belonging to accessory_interior_data via the glass_panes attribute and are typically included via /def/vehicle/truck/<brand.model>/interior/glass.sui.

Note: Because of historical reasons some trucks in ETS2 are using glass.dat instead of glass.sui. However when you are creating your own definitions SUI extension shall be used.


Name Type Default Value Description
locator string The name of the locator in the interior model that corresponds to this glass pane. The locator's Y axis points 'out' from the glass surface, and its XZ plane forms the surface.
size float2 The size (width, height) of the glass pane in meters.
drop_size_minimum float 0.006 Minimum raindrop size in meters.
drop_size_maximum float 0.024 Maximum raindrop size in meters.
edge_angle float 0 Yaw angle (in degrees) between locator orientation and orientation of normals at left and right sides of the plane. Used to simulate fake curved surface.
wipers array<owner_ptr> Each member points to a wiper_data unit defining a wiper that will affect this glass pane.