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The accessory_transmission_data unit class is used to define the transmission characteristics for the player's vehicle, as well as the differential ratio. Units of this type are usually defined in /def/vehicle/truck/<brand.model>/transmission/*.sii and valid unit names end in .transmission.


Many common attributes are inherited from accessory_data.

Name Type Default Value Description
stall_torque_ratio float -1.0 Torque ratio multiplier if torque converter/multiplier is present. Any positive value is used as multiplier on lower RPM torque.
differential_ratio float 1.0 This defines the differential/final drive ratio between the transmission output shaft and the wheels.
retarder uint 0 The number of output levels for the retarder if applicable. If zero, retarder behavior is disabled for the transmission.
auxiliary_brakes array<float3> When set, this overrides the retarder control so that it controls both the retarder and engine brake. The components are (retarder strength, engine brake strength, forced downshift). The value of retarder must match the number of members in auxiliary_brakes. (Added in 1.28) For example:
	retarder: 5
	auxiliary_brakes[]: (0.3, 0, 0)	// 30% retarder only
	auxiliary_brakes[]: (0.6, 0, 0)	// 60% retarder only
	auxiliary_brakes[]: (1.0, 0, 0)	// 100% retarder only
	auxiliary_brakes[]: (1.0, 1, 0)	// 100% retarder and 100% engine brake
	auxiliary_brakes[]: (1.0, 1, 1) // 100% retarder, 100% engine brake and downshift
ratios_reverse array<float> This defines the reverse gear ratios in order of decreasing gear reduction. The values should be negative. Example:
	ratios_reverse[0]: -11.002
	ratios_reverse[1]: -8.875
ratios_forward array<float> This defines the forward gear ratios in order of decreasing gear reduction. The values should be positive. Example:
	ratios_forward[0]: 11.32
	ratios_forward[1]: 9.132
	ratios_forward[2]: 7.207
transmission_names owner_ptr Points to a unit of the type transmission_names, usually nameless and within the same unit definition file or included from a Serialized Unit Include (.sui) type file. This is used to assign custom names to each gear in automatic and sequential modes (these are overridden by h-shifter pattern definitions).
auto_mode_name string A Prefix for gear number in dashboard display (element id 1310) during automatic transmission mode. (Added in 1.35)
manual_mode_name string M Prefix for gear number in dashboard display (element id 1310) during manual transmission mode. (Added in 1.35)
crawls uint 0 The number of ratios_forward to handle as crawler gears for UI display. (Added in ETS2 1.27.2)
shift_time float 1.0 The time, in seconds, it takes to shift gears in automatic shifting. (Added in 1.31)
sounds array<string> Each item assigns an FMOD event to a function, using the "sound_name|sound_path" format. (Added in 1.39)

Expected sound event names are: air_gear_noise, retarder, gear_grind, and gear_wrong.