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SDK 1.10

  • Added gameplay events support.
  • Both trucks and trailers now have also license plate information provided by configs.
  • Trailers
    • Added support for multiple trailers (up to 10) (See channels and configs: trailer.[index], 'trailer' has the same data as 'trailer.0' for backward compatibility)
    • New config attributes
      • brand
      • name
      • chain.type
      • body.type
    • New channels
      • trailer.wear.wheels - (float) Average wear across all wheel accessories.
      • trailer.cargo.damage - (float) Damage of the cargo inside this trailer.
    • Trailers now also report liftable axles informations.
  • Job changes
    • New config attributes
      • cargo.unit.mass - (float) What is the mass of single cargo unit in kg.
      • cargo.unit.count - (u32) How many units of cargo does the job consist of.
      • cargo.loaded - (bool) Is cargo loaded?
      • - (string) The market the job is for (see comment for possible values)
      • special.job - (bool) Is that special transport job?
    • New channels
      • job.cargo.damage - (float) The total damage of the cargo.
    • Special transport jobs will now report correctly source and destination cities.