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Tutorials/Beginners/Simple cube/4. How to convert & pack a mod

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1 Simple cube conversion paths.jpg Set path of the conversion tools to the place where you extract them.
2 Simple cube home path srch tool.jpg Use mod directory select path tool..
3 Simple cube home path select game.jpg the game (1) and click OK (2). The tool should determinate correct mod folder if the game is installed.
4 Simple cube fill the mod name.jpg Write your mod name. We will use tutorial_mod
5 Simple cube setup mod packing auto settings.jpg Set "auto" settings:
  • Auto Clean - enabled
  • Auto Export - disabled
  • Auto Convert - enabled
6 Simple cube select no compression.jpg Set no compression.
7 Simple cube start convert.jpg Click PACK CONVERTED DATA button. The conversion will run.
8 Simple cube conversion progress n success.jpg You will notice the window with conversion log (1). If everything will go smooth without any problem you will see the success dialog (2).
9 Simple mod ready.jpg Go to your mod folder and check if archive exists there - if so check if it has correct files inside.

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