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Top Menu changes

The top menu File - Edit - View - Map - Tools - Debug - Help had changes in the content of each section and also the names of some sections.

The new setup is:

  • File - stay the same
  • Edit - represents the Edit functions and expanded with the various Edit modes, the isolation functions moved to next section
  • Selection - represents the actions you can do with a selection in map

Note: With the exception of Cut/Copy/Paste - those stay in Edit due to inter-software habits

  • View - represents visualization options and dialogues that are supposed to show you some information

Note: The View Distance Debug Tool was renamed to View Distance Display Range as it more precisely describes the function of this dialogue

  • Map - represents the interactions you can do with the whole map file
  • Debug - all debug views, validation and the traffic tool
  • Editor - remaining software documentation and help, as well as the Editor/Map Settings

Compound update

  • RMB click on item in compound now opens the Properties of the Compound - you don't need to search for the Compound node
  • CTRL+RMB click on item in compound now opens the Properties of that item - without need for you to break the Compound to access it

Find Reference search in Find dialogue

You now can select option to search for Specific item by

  • item index
  • node index
  • UID

If you do this instead of camera teleporting to the said item (risking crash if there is a problem with the item) the Found dialogue window opens and you can use it to remotely

  • open the item's properties
  • delete the item

Note: (previously you could only use "go to" function of the Find dialogue and/or console or delete such item using the console)

Changes in Errors&Warnings

  • The small error popup informing you of too small item no longer appears!
  • Instead ALL ERRORS now appear in the Found window where you can directly interact with the relevant items
  • ADDITIONALLY you now can use Debug -> Validate errors button to display the error list whenever you need, not only on map save!

You can now delete items in Validate errors dialog using g_delete_by_uid via right-click menu on item.

  • This only works if the selected items are both unlocked and invalid. :exclamation:
  • This process is irreversible.

Far Model Item & Visibility Area - interaction tools

A button for fmi&va Find Parents function added:

  • Selection -> Find Parents


  • Select item (or items)
  • Selection -> Find Parents


Found items dialogue containing list of Far Models Items / Visibility Areas the selected item(s) is assigned to.

You can use this to check whether item you want to interact with (fe. add to compound) is a child of some FMI or VA or whether you can afford to break a compound (you should not if it is a part of FMI or VA)

Other changes and new features:

  • When dropping items to the ground by F6 key you now can use the CTRL+F6 key combination to drop any item node to other item's geometry. This should make placing lamps and other models on sidewalks much easier.
  • F8 map window now no longer switches to focus if you move your mouse cursor over it.
  • Brush Tool material list now displays the "editor name" of the material