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The accessory_transmission_data unit class is used to define the transmission characteristics for the player's vehicle, as well as the differential ratio. Units of this type are usually defined in /def/vehicle/truck/<brand.model>/transmission/*.sii and valid unit names end in .transmission.


Many common attributes are inherited from accessory_data.

Name Type Default Value Description
stall_torque_ratio float
Torque ratio multiplier if torque converter/multiplier is present. Any positive value is used as multiplier on lower RPM torque.
differential_ratio float 1.0 This defines the differential/final drive ratio between the transmission output shaft and the wheels.
retarder uint 0 The number of output levels for the retarder if applicable. If zero, retarder behavior is disabled for the transmission.
ratios_reverse array<float> This defines the reverse gear ratios in order of decreasing gear reduction. The values should be negative. Example:
	ratios_reverse[0]: -11.002
	ratios_reverse[1]: -8.875
ratios_forward array<float> This defines the forward gear ratios in order of decreasing gear reduction. The values should be positive. Example:
	ratios_forward[0]: 11.32
	ratios_forward[1]: 9.132
	ratios_forward[2]: 7.207
transmission_names owner_ptr Points to a unit of the type transmission_names, usually nameless and within the same unit definition file or included from a Serialized Unit Include (.sui) type file. This is used to assign custom names to each gear in automatic and sequential modes (these are overridden by h-shifter pattern definitions).
crawls uint 0 The number of ratios_forward to handle as crawler gears for UI display. (Added in ETS2 1.27.2)