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Locators are used for placing special items in an SCS Game Object.

Creating a Locator

To create a Locator you can use standard Blender Add menu and select desired locator: (⇧ Shift+A → SCS Objects → <choose locator type>):

SCS Tools Locators 01.png

When creating Prefab or Collision locator you will get additional dialog asking you to select desired sub-type.

SCS Locator Creation-Prefab Subtype.png SCS Locator Creation-Collision Subtype.png

Preview Models on Locators

When you use Locators which represent some other models, it is often handy to see those models directly at the Locator's position, so you can see how the unit will look as a whole. This can be done via the Preview Models functionality. It is available for Model and Prefab Locators.

SCS Tools Locators Preview Model 01.png

Preview Model

Here you can navigate to the PIM file. Its geometries are then loaded to the locator's position to preview the target model's shape.

Show Preview Model

Here you can turn displaying of already loaded Preview Model ON or OFF.

Draw Type

This drop-down menu enables changing the drawing mode for the Preview Model. The choices are “Wire”, “Solid” and “Bounds”. Please note that the “Textured” drawing mode would make little sense here, since the materials for Preview Models are not loaded at this time.

Note: You can also disable/enable displaying of all Preview Models in the scene using the global option “Show Preview Models” in the Display Settings sub-palette.

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