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How to add roads ?


In order to add roads, click on the green cross in the left of the screen and choose "Road" from the list : Item Type

Prerequisites for adding a road

Make the first road

To draw a road, click anywhere on the map to place the source of the road and click somewhere else to place the end of the road

First road added

Congratulations, you have done your first road

Add a second part

To add a second part, click on the green point and draw your road

2 part of roads

Congratulations, you have two part of road


Settings window

Settings of the road

What is that ?
It's a window where you can edit the settings of the road you will add

  1. Road type : the type of the road (city road, country road, highway...)
  2. The shader of the road (asphalt, snow...)
  3. Central shader : The shader of the center of the road (only with the road with an offset at the center
  4. The shader of the left terrain
  5. The sidewalk of the left terrain (appear only if City is checked on the top (9)
  6. The shader of the right terrain
  7. The sidewalk of the right terrain (appear only if City is checked on the top (9)
  8. Presets : see in the presets tutorial (not writed)
  9. Choose if it's a city road or a road (if the sidewalk appear or not)