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Tutorials/SCS Workshop Uploader/How to upload new mod?

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==Workshop mod files and directories layout==
First of all - the layout of your mod will change a little bit. The standard mod is a single '''package''' with manifest.sii file inside, description and icon files and To check the mod data files. The Steam Workshop mod can and should consist of many '''packages''' - this change gives you possibility to create mods that are supporting few game patches without need to activate different mod by your mod users. In the '''versions.sii''' file you specify which '''package''' game should use when using the specified game patch. But remember - this layout is only correct for Workshop mods. Standard mods are still using the one package approachstructure click [[Documentation/Tools/SCS_Workshop_Uploader/Workshop_mod_structure|here]].
[[File:Mod_layout_explanation.jpg]] ==Prepearing Preparing mod for uploading step by step==
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|The universal directory (or archive) should contain all the standard mod package content so: manifest.sii file, description file, icon file and the mod content.
'''{{Note|Remember! In Workshop mods manifest.sii, description and icon files are required!'''[[Documentation/Engine/Mod_manager|Find more info here]]}}
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| '''4'''
When you do those points and put your game content to package you and you don't want to support exact patches game updates you can skip next points and go to [[#Uploading|Uploading]] part.
==Supporting specify version of the game==
|In case you have data that supports one exact game version you need to create folder or archive where you will store the content.
  {{Tip|For better organization of the directories. We recommend to call this folder ''122_content'' - 122 stands for 1.22 version with removed dot (. For example - for 1.23 update it will be 123, for 1.6 it will be 16 etc.)}}
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| '''2'''
|Open your text editor and do exatly the same steps as you did while adding definition for universal patchupdate. (Besides different folder and unit name)
| '''3'''
|There is new thingstep you have to take. You need to set Set the value of the compatible_versions attribute. This attribute is simply array containing strings that are masks of the game versions. As we want to have data for 1.22 patch update simply write there "1.22.*". Values are similar to compatible_versions array in manifest.sii however . If you want to use this package for workshop mods we are using versions specified in versions1.23 update only you will write:<pre>compatible_versions: "1.23.*"</pre> If you want to support only one update by this content (not recommended) you will write:<pre>compatible_versions[]: "1.22.1"</pre> The value of this attribute can contain numbers, dots "." (between numbers) and asterisk "*" (at the end).siiUsing asterisk inside text or at the beginning is not allowed.
|In case you want to support more than one exact version you need to setup folder for it.
{{Tip|We recommend using similar syntax as for single version specify content, but for separating the versions use underscore "_". For example if the content will be used by both 1.23 and 1.24 content package will be called: "123_124_content" in case you want the content package to be used for 1.24, 1.25.0 and 1.25.2 updates the content package will be called "124_1250_1252_content".}}
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| '''5'''
| '''6'''
|Add compatible_version value for one patch update you support.
| '''7'''
|And add again compatible_version value for second patch update you want to support.
{{UsefulLink|If you don't have SCS Workshop Uploader installed - check this tutorial - [[Tutorials/Workshop_UploaderSCS_Workshop_Uploader/How_to_downloadHow_to_download_the_tool?|How to download and install SCS Workshop Uploader?]]}}
#You can now fill '''change note''' of your mod. If you need to have the edit box bigger simply resize the tool window. As it's initial upload step you will more likely write nothing here - or write something like ''"Initial upload."''.
#If you did all the points simply click '''Upload''' button. Before the actual upload operation the tool will check if your mod contains correct data.
{{Note|You may notice that when you are using non [ ASCII characters] the counters are decreasing by more than one. It is because those characters have bigger size than one byte. The counters are counting bytes space used by description and title - not the character count}}
When you click '''OK''' you will see log dialog with all errors and warnings that occured during validation. In case if you have only warnings you can both continue or abort operation. In case of error you '''need to''' fix them before uploading.
{{UsefulLink|If you need help with solving your validation errors click '''[[Documentation/Tools/Workshop_UploaderSCS_Workshop_Uploader/Validation_errors_and_solutions_for_them|here]]'''}}
#In this area you have log of the validation. All the log entires have the following form: '''''[TYPE] [CODE] (file): Message'''''
#Bellow you have two checkboxes, you can hide warnigns or errors here.
#In case there are only errors is at least one error you are able to only click Abort. This button simply aborts the upload.#In case there are only warnings validation did not report any error you can click this button and continue uploading of your mod. If there are errors you are unable to continue - you have to fix the problems.
However it is possible that there was some failure while uploading - you will then notice dialog with the error message. If you have some problem with resolving the problem write on our forum '''[http://forum.urlscssoft.putcom/ click todo moding sectionphp?f=24 our forum] (Create Steam Workshop section dedicated to it?)'''
=Steam Workshop Terms Of Service=
If it’s your first mod and you were not doing any mods for other game <!-- '''(or Valve updated Terms of Service?)'''--> you will likely get error about not accepted Steam Workshop Terms Of Service - if so happends tool will show you appropriate message and the steam workshop terms of service will be opened in your default web browser - you have to login to your steam account read and accept the terms of service and if you do so simply go back to the tool and try again with uploading your mod.

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