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=00001- Generic=
===Description file has to be put inside the same directory as manifest.sii file.===
===Description file must be TXT file (?)===
===Referenced look (?) does not exists in the model.===
===Referenced variant (?) does not exists in the model.===
=00002- File not found=
===Description file (?) does not exists.===
===File is not present===
===Unable to find model geometry file for model descriptor (?) referenced by addon hookup data definition (?).===
==="Unable to find preview icon for ? defined in ?===
=00003- Not allowed=
===File with the unsupported extension found in the mod. Please remove it before uploading the mod.===
===Found second universal version entry. Please use only one.===
===Units of type ? are not allowed.===
===Units of type ? can be stored only inside the '?' file.===
=00004- Malformed file=
===Count of the parts does not match descriptor file ?. (desc: ?, geom: ?)===
===Count of the parts does not match geometry file ?. (desc: ?, geom: ?)"===
===Incorrect map at index ?===
===Incorrect map type. (?)===
=00005- Missing required attribute=
===interior_model or exterior_model must be set to valid and descriptor file.===
=00006- Access denied=
===Unable to create validation log file.===
=00007- Not supported=
===Unsupported tobj version. (version: ?)===
===Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture.===
===Cube texture maps must be pot textures. (texture_name: ?)===
=00008- Unable to load=
===Unable to load model descriptor referenced by accessory addon data definition (?)===
===Unable to load file.===
=00009- File is too big=
===Maximum size of description file is ? MB===
===Maximum size of icon file is ? MB===

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