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=00001===00001 - Unable to load units from ? file.====00001 - No package versions defined.====00001 - Unable to mount version.====00001 - No icon specified.====00001 - Icon file has to be put inside the same directory as manifest.sii file.====00001 - Icon file must be JPG file (?)====00001 - Incorrect icon file dimmensions. Allowed dimmensions are ?x?px (the icon size: ?x?px)====00001 - Unable to open icon file.====00001 - No description file specified!====00001 - Description file has to be put inside the same directory as manifest.sii file.====00001 - Description file must be TXT file (?)====00001 - Unable to read content of description file.====00001 - Unable to open description file.====00001 - Unable to load model geometry file.===00002===00002 - File is not present====00002 - The version folder/archive does not exists!====00002 - Unable to find manifest file.====00002 - Description file (?) does not exists.====00002 - Icon file (?) does not exists===00003===00003 - Unable to find universal version defined.====00003 - Found second universal version entry. Please use only one.====00003 - Path cannot contain '..'. (position: ?)====00003 - Path cannot contain Windows-style path separator (\\) only Unix-style separators are allowed (/). (position: ?)====00003 - In the mod root folder there can be only versions.sii file and version specific folders. Found ? not allowed entries:====00003 - Version folder name contains disallowed characters. Allowed [a-z0-9_].====00003 - Using SCS files is not allowed for Steam Workshop mods - please use normal .zip files or folders.===00004===00004 - Unable to load icon likely malformed file.====00004 - Malformed description file. The description file should be encoded in UTF-8!===00006===00006 - Unable to create validation log file.===00009===00009 - Maximum size of icon file is ? MB====00009 - Maximum size of description file is ? MB==

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