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Tutorials/SCS Workshop Uploader/How to upload new mod?

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*Select the game ('''1''') that is compatible with your mod.
*Select ''New'' item from the items combobox ('''2'''). It should be selected by default when you launch the tool.
*In the ''Mod data'' section - browse for a mod data folder ('''3''') - browse for a mod data folder.*If you select folder, browse for mod preview image('''4''').*In next step fill mod name('''5''').*Select mod visibility in steam workshop. If it's '''Private''', '''Friends only''' or '''Public'''('''6''').*Fill your mod description ('''7''') which will be shown in your item workshop page. '''(Minimum 50 characters)''' If you want to know formatting possibilities click on the question mark button. ('''8''') '''TODO: Describe why writing for example 1 cyrillic character counts as 2, why onee space is count as character and why enter is cound as character.'''*Now, you have to select type tag for your mod('''9''').*You can select truck parts and brand tag if appropriate ('''10''').*You can now fill change not note of your mod ('''11'''). - because it's first upload step you will more likely write nothing here - or write something like ''"Initial upload."''.*If you did all the points simply click '''Upload''' button ('''12''').. Before the actual upload operation the tool will check if your mod contains correct data.

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