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License plate data
* For saving the map you need to create '''base_map/map''' folder just aside of game executable exe. Former '''base''' folder is still used for saving other data (eg. weather settings in '''base/def''').
* There has been changes of some edge models (for easier and more exact snapping in future). If you are using them in your map you need to reposition them to fit new model and fix eventual other errors around. For simplification of the process there are helpers. Copy them Extract entire content of the zip file to game executable folder and run the batch file - it will run the fixer exe (modified editor) with proper params. Load your map and fixer automatically offsets those items by proper offsets all over the map. Then check the affected items over the map (complete name list is in the included TXT file), fix whatever you want or need, save the map, and exit the editor. Remove the fixer from the folder. This process should be done ONLY ONCE as repeated run of the fixer would move those items again.* [19M10M, exe+bat+txt files]* [19M10M, exe+bat+txt files]
You can then continue in regular way.
There was changed generation of LP slightly. Country-based LP are working exactly same as before: if vehicle type is matched that data set is used, otherwise first data set is used (regular car typically). City-based LPs has been working similarly except there was hardcoded pobability (33%) of using country-based LP instead. Right now city-based LP generation always checks both country and city data for defined vehicle types. If vehicle type is matched data sets are used, but if both country and city type definition exists the decision is based on '''probabilty''' field on city data. As default value is 0.67, it works similarly as before.
Main difference is that if you do not define city LP for some vehicle type, first fallback is to country LP for that vehicle type and only the secondary fallabck fallback is the first vehicle type in city LP list. Also you can enforce local LP if desired by setting '''probability''' to 1.0 in city-based LP definitions. As example, this behavior is used in Idaho DLC for emergency vehicles (medical, fire and police).
== Vehicle data ==
=== Accessory horn addon data ===
accessory_horn_addon_data, like There is new unit type '''accessory_horn_addon'''. Its same as '''accessory_addon ''' but with in addition it contains attribute '''sound_path''' that could link soundref file or sound link, TBDbank event directly. It is used for new horn accessories on ETS2 trucks.
== Traffic ==

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