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Documentation/Tools/SCS Blender Tools

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=TutorialsTools/SCS Blender Tools = Welcome to SCS Blender Tools wiki pages! Here you will find complete documentation about SCS Blender Tools. The whole documentation is divided to more chapters (pages) for quicker and better orientation. '''It is strongly advised that you read at least these pages:''' * [[Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Installation]]* [[Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Terminology and Basics]]* [[Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Conversion Tools]]* [[Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Global Settings]]. ==Before you start == # These tools provide a new pipeline (as developers do it).# There are new formats. Why? "Because they are meant to be used for all of SCS games. Moreover if a game changes it's internal formats, you won't have to reexport your models."# Old models can be reused partially. How?#* Use any program or addon you are used to to import the existing models.#* Then export geometries in OBJ format or any format supported by Blender{{Template#* Import geometries in Blender#* Setup your model with SCS Blender Tools == Mod creation pipeline == For the creation of mods you will need# '''[[Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Download|SCS Blender Tools Tutorials}}]]''' - for content creation.# '''[[Tools/Conversion Tools|Conversion Tools]]''' - for converting created content with SCS Blender Tools to the game compatible formats.# '''File archiver and browser''' - for packing and copying files created with Asset Conversion Tools to the "mod" folder.

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