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Games/ETS2/Modding guides/1.36

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How to convert map
* Do rebuild (F8)
* Save map
== Automatic Walker->Mover Conversion ==
As written [[Games/ETS2/Modding guides/1.35#Mover.2Fwalker_unification_and_improvement|here]], walker item support will be removed soon.
There is a new command line parameter which enables the automatic conversion of walker items to mover items using existing mover models:
* Create a text file with conversion rules
** each line is a rule in format (source_walker_prefix), (target_mover_model) [, 'non' - if specified 'prefer non movable anim' flag is used]
* Run the editor with '''-conversion_walker_path (conversion_file)]''', where '''conversion_file''' is a ufs path to a file containing conversion rules
* Save the map
Example conversion rules: [[File:Walker|thumb]]
= Changes & New Features =

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