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Documentation/Engine/Units/accessory truck data

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|Each member contains a specially-formatted string which defines an accessory type (token) and the relative path to an SII file with a safe fallback accessory defined. So a fallback rule for <code>chassis</code> may look like <code>fallback[]: "chassis<nowiki>|</nowiki>4x2.sii"</code> which would call on ''/def/vehicle/truck/<make.model>/chassis/4x2.sii'' if there is ever a problem with the vehicle's currently assigned chassis accessory that makes it invalid or unloadable.
Accessories in the accessory folder are handled differently. For example, a rule for <code>steering_w</code> looks like <code>fallback[]: "accessory<nowiki>|</nowiki>steering_w/shape1.sii"</code>.
{{Note|There is 8 mandatory fallback rules: chassis, cabin, interior, engine, transmission, f_wheel (or f_tire), r_wheel (or r_tire), paint_job and head_light. It is generally advisable to include a rule for steering_w if the truck has interchangeable steering wheels.}}

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