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Documentation/Engine/Units/accessory paint job data

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In the colormask mode, each of '''paint_job_mask''''s color channels (RGB) acts as a mask for a color being blended over the base texture. They are applied in the order ''blue'', ''green'', and ''red''. So the red channel has the highest “priority”, followed by green and then blue.
{{Tip|Texture compression can lead to some minor aliasing at sharp boundaries between the mask channels. To avoid colors ‘bleeding through’ at these boundaries, try blending some of the lower-priority channel ‘under’ the higher-priority channel along their shared boundary. For example, at a sharp boundary between the ''red'' (255, 0, 0) and ''green'' (0, 255, 0) channels, a thin line of the base color may be visible. This can be mitigated by extending the edge of the lower-priority mask ‘under’ the higher-priority mask. So in the case where there is a sharp line between the red mask and the green mask, the green mask should be extended slightly into the area of the red mask. The resultant color looking at the RGB image would be yellow (255, 255, 0).}}
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