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Informational package is a package that is used just for informational purpose - it means it does not affect gameplay in any way and is simply here to let mod user know what he has to do to use your mod - for example upgrade to the latest patch or downgrade to the currently supported patch (useful for map authors which needs some time to update mod to work with the latest patch).
Let's assume your '''versions.sii''' file looks like this:
SiiNunit {
package_version_info : .content {
package: "content"
compatible_versions[]: "1.25.*"
Which means your mod is only compatible with '''1.25''' patches.
The incompatible package should contain '''manifest.sii''', mod icon and mod description file. The manifest should be standard - icon may indicate that this is just informational version without any functionality however mod user will see red "Incompatible" label next to the mod in mod manager so it can be the same as for different versions. The description ''should'' let mod user know how to adjust his game to make your mod working for example:

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