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# The level when the accessory is unlocked. If zero it will be unlocked immediately on game start.
# The icon is a image that is displayed in truck configuration screen. We will leave the image at the moment as '''f_grill_09'''.
# The exterior_model is a model of the grill. It must a path to the '''.pmd''' file you will get after converting the data. So for this it will be: '''"/vehicle/truck/upgrade/frontgrill/renault_magnum_2009renault.magnum.2009/custom_grill.pmd"'''.
|- style="vertical-align:top"
| width="10px" | '''5'''
*** '''upgrade'''
**** '''frontgrill'''
***** '''renault_magnum_2009renault.magnum.2009'''
|- style="vertical-align:top"
| width="10px" | '''6'''

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