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Map Editor
Set of tools you can use to create and edit mods for SCS games:=Game Archive Extractor= * [[Documentation/Tools/Game Archive Extractor|Documentation]]*[[Documentation/Tools/Game Archive Extractor#Download|Download]] =SCS Blender Tools= * [[Documentation/Tools/SCS Blender Tools|Documentation]]*[[Documentation/Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Download|Download]] =Conversion Tools= * [[Documentation/Tools/Conversion Tools|Documentation]]*[[Documentation/Tools/Conversion Tools#Download_.26_Installation|Download]] =SCS Workshop Uploader=This application is Steam-only and to download and use it you need to have Steam-client installed and running on your computer. * [[Documentation/Tools/SCS Workshop Uploader|SCS Workshop UploaderDocumentation]]* [steam://install/421800 Steam Download=Map Editor= * [[Documentation/Tools/Map Editor|Documentation]]* <del>Download</del> - Map Editoris integrated part of any SCS game. =Telemetry SDK= * <del>Documentation</del> - Can be found inside download package.* [[Documentation/Engine/SDK/Telemetry|Download]]

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