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  • When basing you model on the original ones, add to your mod also ALL original /automat/ files used by it. The names of the files are generated as SHA1 hash of theirs content so whenever we change the parameters of the material in any way, a different file will be used to store them and the original file might cease to exist if there is no other model utilizing the original parameters.
  • When modifying original models, always include ALL compoments of the model (pmg+pmd) instead of just those you changed. Otherwise you risk crash if we change the model.
  • As always when adding new objects to files which support multi-file approach (e.g. road_look.sii) it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use suffix or prefix in the name to avoid conflicts with new objects we are adding in patches. Otherwise you might have to use the batch renaming functionality (see Batch renaming) to fix the conflicts when new patch appears.

How to convert map

  • Load map
  • Do rebuild (F8)
  • Save map



Attribute "engine_brake_positions" added to "accessory_engine_data". It works in conjunction with new inputs for engine brake increase/decrease in same way as retarder.

Attribute "name" in "direct_gearbox_config" is shown in game (options/control/layout selection) if defined. Furthermore, attribute "name" was also added to "direct_gearbox_gear" so each gear definition can have one. These names are displayed in game and override anything defined by "accessory_transmission_data" or default generated by game.

Attributes "trailer_brake_stick_anim" and "trailer_air_stick_anim" added to "accessory_interior_data" unit. They handle animations of trailer brake and air supply knob respectively.

To silence warnings in UI units/defs, remove following obsolete attributes from your modded UI scripts: child_nameless, p2p_pml, name, tooltip.


New sound for connect/disconnect trailer: "/sound/truck/clunk.ogg" and "/sound/truck/clunk_off.ogg".


Wheels customization

Rims were split to 4 accessories - disc, hub, nuts and optional hub cover.

Until the truck is taken to upgrade shop, old rims/wheels will work. In upgrade shop, known rims will be switched for new equivalent, unknown ones will be switched to defaults (see "/def/vehicle/rim_data.sii").

All wheel accessories (wheel, tire, rim parts) must be named in a bit more strict format - LAST token of unit name always define type and position of accessory e.g. "rdisc" = disc of rear wheel. This must be true for modded AI wheels as well! Attributes that were used before: front_wheel, front_rim, etc. are now obsolete. Used token names are: "ftire", "fdisc", "fhub", "fnuts" and "fcover" for player trucks and "fwheel" for AI vehicles (similarly rear wheels).