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Note: This article is a work in progress and has yet to be reviewed by SCS staff. Some information may be incomplete or inaccurate.

The accessory_addon_tank_data unit class is used for adding accessory based tank data container. For player trucks, units of this type are usually defined in /def/vehicle/truck/<brand.model>/accessory/tank/*.sii and valid unit names end in .tank. This unit type was added in 1.41.


Many common attributes are inherited from accessory_addon_data.

Name Type Default Value Description
fuel_tank_size float 0.0 Fuel tank size in liters. Overrides chassis info about fuel tank size, if positive.
adblue_tank_size float 0.0 AdBlue/DEF tank size in liters. Overrides chassis info about adblue tank size, if positive.

Note: This accessory type is expected at most once on any given truck. While it is technically possible to have more than one tank type accessory (eg under different locator/accessory type name) only the first found is used for value override. Multiple occurence has undefined behavior.