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Tutorials/Map Editor/Map Editor Workflow/3. (Advanced) Hot editing

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Now that we know how to create .scs files, we are able to load the work we made. Also, distribution of mods is done with these .scs files. However, when creating a bigger mod, repacking those archives is gonna take a long time. Not to mention that the game locks such archives from writing while running. At first you will probably not fully utilise the advantages of hot editing, but trust me. Once you get the hang of it you never want to go back.

So what is hot editing? Hot editing is ability to run your map without repacking it each and every time. As game can also read directories from mod folder following the same base structure as the base game data, we need to make a "symbolic link" to make it work. It sounds very difficult, but actually it is very easy! More info about symbolic link for hot editing available: here


Cmd admin.jpg

Open a command prompt in windows as an Administrator (it won't work otherwise; you won't have the privileges to do that).

Cmd link.jpg

Use the mklink command to create a "junction" type symbolic link. To do this, you need the following format: mklink /D <mod folder + dir name in mod folder> <project folder>

In my case this would be: mklink /D "E:\Documenten\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod\wip" "C:\mapmod"


Symbolic link.jpg

A folder will appear which looks like a shortcut. This is the so called symbolic link. Now you no longer have to create any .scs archives. All you have to do is copy the map files to your project folder. You don't even have to close the game. Typing edit europe will reload the map with your latest changes.

TIP: When planning on making a bigger mod it's always wise to use some sort of version control (for example SVN). With a hot editing you can easily create a link from the root folder of your project to the mod folder.