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Now that we have saved our map, it is time to learn how to load this work. In order to do this, additional software to create a .zip archive is required (for example winRAR or 7zip). In this tutorial we will use winRAR.

TIP: When you want to make a map you will have to edit more than only map files. Because of this I would advise to create a folder which will be the root of your project. For example: C:\mapmod. In this folder you can place all the files you need for your mod together.


Load map.jpg

In a windows explorer window navigate to the following directory:
  • Retail: Program Files (x86)/Euro Truck Simulator 2/base/map or Program Files (x86)/American Truck Simulator/base/map
  • Steam: <steam_library_directory>/SteamApps/common/Euro Truck Simulator 2/base/map or <steam_library_directory>/SteamApps/common/American Truck Simulator/base/map

Note: The .bak folder contains back up files from the editor. They are not needed in order to load your map again.


Project folder.jpg

If you followed the tip for creating a project folder, copy all the files to there in a folder named map. If you haven't done this then navigate one folder back.

Note: In order for the game to understand what data you are adding you need to respect the directory structure as can be seen in the base.scs file. In the case of map mods, all your map files always need to be placed in a folder named map.



Now you need to create the .scs archive. In order to do this, we will use winRAR. I have setup winRAR in such a way that I can right click on a given folder and press add to archive. This will open a new winRAR dialog. Now it is very important to select the archive format to zip. Don't forget to give your archive a name. Then press OK. An .scs archive will now be made.

Map mod folder.jpg

Now copy the freshly created .scs archive to your mod folder. When restarting the game, your map will be loaded like a mod.

Note: The mod manager has NO effect on the map editor. When loading the map editor ALL mods in your mod folder will be loaded. Be aware of this!.