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1 Truck accessory open mod manager.jpg After packing the mod run the game and go to the mod manager.
2 Truck accessory enable mod.jpg Enable the mod by clicking on it twice (1) and then click Confirm Changes button (2).
3 Truck accessory enter truck browser.jpg Launch the profile and go to Truck browser (About (1) > Truck Browser (2))
4 Truck accessory select renault.jpg Select the Renault Magnum truck.
5 Truck accessory select custom grill.jpg Go to the attachables menu and select your accessory. (If you have not changed the name during creating definition files it should be called CUSTOM GRILL).
6 Truck accessory grill on truck attempt 1.jpg As you can see the grill is placed right at the pin position. We can still adjust it a little bit to make it look better. Go back to Blender.
7 Truck accessory adjust position of mesh and locators.jpg Move the mesh and locators slightly to the down.
8 Truck accessory reconvertexport.jpg Switch off the Auto Cleanup (1) in conversion&pack helper window, click PACK CONVERTED DATA (2) and wait until packing and converting ends.
9 Truck accessory final.jpg Launch the game again go to truck browser (the mod is already enabled so you do not have to go to mod manager) again and check the front grill. If it's position still neeeds some improvement repeat everything starting from 6th step, however if it is fine you made your first truck accessory. Congratulations!

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