Tutorials/Beginners/Truck accessory/1. How to configure new truck accessory mod

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1 Truck accessory create folder.jpg Create folder called 02_truck_accessory.
2 Truck accessory create base and ma.jpg Inside 02_truck_accessory create folders:
  • mod_accessory - where you will put the new resources
  • base - for existing game resources which you will use
3 Truck accessory create def tree.jpg Inside mod_accessory create folders:
  • def
    • vehicle
      • truck
        • renault.mangnum
          • accessory
            • f_grill
4 Truck accessory create custom g sii.jpg Inside /02_truck_accessory/mod_accessory/def/vehicle/truck/renault.magnum/accessory/f_grill create file called custom_g.sii which will contain definition of the grill.

And paste there the following example definition:

accessory_addon_data : unit.name
    name: "My front grill"
    price: 1
    unlock: 0
    icon: "f_grill_09"
    exterior_model: "model path"

And keep the file opened.

4 Truck accessory definition description.jpg Now change definition as you want:
  1. "unit.name" must be set to some unique value - each component divided by dot can have max 12 characters. For example the good name will be custom.amazing.renault.f_grill
  2. The name is the name of the accessory in truck configuration screen. You can call it in any way.
  3. The price is a price of your accessory in game base currency (€ for ETS2, $ for ATS).
  4. The level when the accessory is unlocked. If zero it will be unlocked immediately on game start.
  5. The icon is a image that is displayed in truck configuration screen. We will leave the image at the moment as f_grill_09.
  6. The exterior_model is a model of the grill. It must a path to the .pmd file you will get after converting the data. So for this it will be: "/vehicle/truck/upgrade/frontgrill/renault.magnum.2009/custom_grill.pmd".
5 Truck accessory create vtufr.jpg Inside mod_accessory create folders:
  • vehicle
    • truck
      • upgrade
        • frontgrill
          • renault.magnum.2009
6 IMG Inside the base folder create folders:
  • material
    • environment
6 IMG To the environment copy generic_s.tga and vehicle_reflection.tobj files from the BlenderTools-1.2\data\sample_base\material\environment folder which you can find in the folder where you extracted SCS Blender Tools.

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