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Truck accessory
Truck accessory final.jpg
Topic: Truck accessories
Difficulty: Easy
Tools: SCS Blender Tools

Conversion Tools

Learn how to create your very own accessory model and use it on your truck. Beside 3D modelling this tutorial will also feature locators which marks additional 3D model spawning point or marking any position/rotation for programmatic defined behaviour/spawning (more about locators: Documentation/Tools/SCS Blender Tools/Locators).

For the purpose of this tutorial we choose to create another version of front grill for Renault Magnum truck from Euro Truck Simulator 2. But with proper placing of configuration file you can easily use same grill on any truck from the game.

1. How to configure new truck accessory mod

2. How to create model of front grill accessory

3. How to use truck accessory mod in game & tweak it