Tutorials/Beginners/Simple cube/3. How to configure cube as map asset model

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1 Simple mod create def world.jpg 1. Create folder called def in 01_simple_cube/base folder.

2. Inside folder def create folder called world.

2 Simple cube create model sii.jpg Inside world folder (1) create file model.tutorials.sii (2).
3 Simple cube simple definition paste.jpg Open the model.tutorials.sii file with your text editor and add this basic definition.
# For modders: Please do not modify this file if you want to add a new entry. Create in
# this directory a new file "<base_name>.<idofyourmod>.sii" where <base_name> is name of
# base file without the extension (e.g. "city" for "/def/city.sii") and <idofyourmod> is
# some string which is unlikely to conflict with other mod.
# Warning: Even if the units are specified in more than one source file, they share the
# same namespace so suffixes or prefixes should be used to avoid conflicts.

model_def : model.name {
 	model_desc: "model_path"
4 Simple cube change unit name.jpg Change name of the model to something unique. Let's use model.tutorials.0 for this tutorial purpose however if you will put more and more models here it's must be to use different names. You can simply change the last number so next model will be called model.tutorials.1, another model.tutorials.2 etc, etc.
5 Simple cube change model desc.jpg Change path to the model. It is the export path of the model which you set in previous tutorial - plus the file name ending with pmd extension. Notice that pmd extension - it is an model descriptor file format that is created after conversion of the mod.

Then save the file and the data are ready to be converted. You will learn how to do that in next part of the tutorial.

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