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Documentation/Engine/Multi monitor configuration

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=Customized mode=
This mode allows bigger flexibility over the setup for 1-4 monitors. It is enabled by setting '''r_multimon_mode''' cvar to 4. Note that unlike the predefined modes, this mode can be enabled regardless of the aspect ratio of the display. In this mode the game takes the configuration from '''\Documents\<game name>\multimon_config.sii'''. If the file does not exist, it is created the first time the game starts in this mode. You can either edit the file manually or use in-game [[Documentation/Engine/Console/Commands/multimon|multimon]] command to do most adjustments on the fly. Note that when using the '''[[Documentation/Engine/Console/Commands/multimon|multimon]]''' command, care must be taken to explicitly save the result before exiting the game or changing settings using the game options screen as the changes would be lost in that case.
Position of the UI and monitors in the virtual display created by driver is specified using normalized coordinates where [0,0] corresponds to left bottom corner and [1,1] corresponds to top right corner. Entire monitor or UI must fit inside the [0;1] range or the behavior is undefined.
==Attributes of single monitor==
*'''name''' - Name of the monitor for use with '''[[Documentation/Engine/Console/Commands/multimon|multimon]]''' command.
*'''normalized_x''' and '''normalized_y''' - Position of bottom left corner of the monitor in the virtual display created by driver.
*'''normalized_width''' and '''normalized_height''' - Dimensions of the view of the monitor in the virtual display created by driver.
*'''render_exterior''' - Enables rendering of the exterior scene (e.g. skybox, world and outside of the truck) to the view. Note that shadows cast to the view will still contain the exterior scene regardless of this setting.
*'''frustum_subrect_x''', '''frustum_subrect_y''', '''frustum_subrect_width''' and '''frustum_subrect_height''' - Allows to specify part of the full frustum cone which is rendered into the monitor. Can be used to move center of the projection outside of the center of the monitor. For example when using two front monitors to represent windshield of the truck while the driver is sitting before the left one, left part of the frustum can be removed to move the center of the projection before the driver. Note that change of this view will change the effective aspect ratio so both fov overrides need to be set to correct it.

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