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= Updates =
= Updates =
* [[Games/ETS2/Modding guides/1.24]]
* [[Games/ETS2/Modding guides/1.23]]
* [[Games/ETS2/Modding guides/1.23]]
* [[Games/ETS2/Modding guides/1.22]]
* [[Games/ETS2/Modding guides/1.22]]

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With each new game update we are also shipping modding guides for users to be able to get their existing mods up-to-date.

Page is organizing modding guides by update version numbers.

Misc useful commands

  • Running the game with -unlimitedlog command line parameter will disable the standard 1MB limit on size of game log file. This might be useful during update if you want to focus on some bugs first.
  • Running the game with -validate command line parameter or executing validate command on the console will run special game mode which will load all defined models, prefabs, vehicles and other objects to detect missing textures and similar errors. By examining the game log you can determine what the game was trying to do when error appeared. Note that there is still lot of things which might be wrong which are not checked in this mode.
  • Running the game with -error_overlay command line parameter will show overlay with number of error and warning messages printed to the log once at least one such message is printed.