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Documentation/Tools/SCS Workshop Uploader/Warning and error codes

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In result of validation you can get errors and warnings. With most of them you also have descriptive information about what is the real reason of it. We present you list of the error and warning codes with the explanation what they mean.


Code Name Description
00001 Generic error Any error that does not fit error codes below.
00002 File not found File is not found.
00003 Not allowed Something that is not allowed for example placing ".." in paths or windows-like path separators.
00004 Malformed file The file is malformed and will definitely crash the game - you should try to reexport it or resave it.
00005 Missing required attribute Some of the required unit attribute is not set.
00006 Access denied Tool failed to create file or read it.
00007 Not supported Some file has not supported version or some feature is not supported.
00008 Unable to load Unable to load some file - in most cases its similar to `00002` error.
00009 File is too big File is too big.
00010 Unused field set Field that must not be set was set.


Code Name Description
00001 Generic warning Any warning that does not fit warning codes bellow.
00002 Unused field set Field that should be not set is set. Not critical but should be fixed.