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Unable to load units from ? file.

No package versions defined.

Unable to mount version.

No icon specified.

Icon file has to be put inside the same directory as manifest.sii file.

Icon file must be JPG file (?)

Incorrect icon file dimmensions. Allowed dimmensions are ?x?px (the icon size: ?x?px)

Unable to open icon file.

No description file specified!

Description file has to be put inside the same directory as manifest.sii file.

Description file must be TXT file (?)

Unable to read content of description file.

Unable to open description file.

Unable to load model geometry file.


File is not present

The version folder/archive does not exists!

Unable to find manifest file.

Description file (?) does not exists.

Icon file (?) does not exists


Unable to find universal version defined.

Found second universal version entry. Please use only one.

Path cannot contain '..'. (position: ?)

Path cannot contain Windows-style path separator (\\) only Unix-style separators are allowed (/). (position: ?)

In the mod root folder there can be only versions.sii file and version specific folders. Found ? not allowed entries:

Version folder name contains disallowed characters. Allowed [a-z0-9_].

Using SCS files is not allowed for Steam Workshop mods - please use normal .zip files or folders.


Unable to load icon likely malformed file.

Malformed description file. The description file should be encoded in UTF-8!


Unable to create validation log file.


Maximum size of icon file is ? MB

Maximum size of description file is ? MB