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Each mod before entering workshop must pass validation process - it is because we do not want to have mods that may cause problem for players due to some trival problems which we can easily prevent.

In case validation finished with any warning or error at the end of the validation process you will see the log window so you can easily inspect what is broken and what to fix - also the log is written to the `validation.log.txt` file placed by default in:

On Windows:

C:/Users/<your_user_name>/My Documents/SCS Workshop Uploader/validation.log.txt

Note: In case of Windows 10 and OneDrive usage the path will be C:/Users/<your_user_name>/OneDrive/Documents/SCS Workshop Uploader/validation.log.txt

On Linux:

~/.local/share/SCS Workshop Uploader/validation.log.txt

On Mac OS X:

/Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/SCS Workshop Uploader/validation.log.txt

Where <your_user_name> is your user name.

On the Validation warning and error codes page you can find error and warning codes that may be helpful in finding why the validation failed.