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The sound_engine_data unit class is used to define engine sounds. This unit is typically used in an array, with min_rpm and max_rpm ranges overlapping between members to allow crossfading.



Name Type Default Value Description
name string Path to the sound clip (e.g. name: "/sound/truck/default/int/unloaded_1.ogg")
looped bool false When true, the sound clip will be looped while active. When false, it will play once when triggered. Should always true for engine sounds.
is_2d bool false
volume float Playback volume relative to recorded level (0.0 is full attenuation, 1.0 is straight through, 2.0 is twice as loud)
pitch_reference float The reference engine rpm of the recording.
min_rpm float The lowest rpm the clip will be played at.
max_rpm float The highest rpm the clip will be played at.